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Can An Online BBA Guarantee A Good Future?

25th May, 2016, Published by Online Admissions Team

In today’s competitive world, most students either take up engineering or medicine post high school. But, when it comes to finding a highly rewarding bachelor’s program, don’t follow the herd. One of the latest courses to gain popularity, due to its advanced program structure and future prospects is Bachelors in Business Administration or BBA.

What’s A BBA Course?

A Bachelor’s in Business Administration program offers you the analytical knowledge and skills required to understand the business and financial sectors of your country and the world. Throughout the length of the course, you’ll be familiarised with a variety of subjects, some of which are listed below:

  • Production And Operations Management
  • Cost And Management Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Business Information Systems
  • Human Resource Management

Why Pursue It Online?

A distance BBA program would ensure you acquire knowledge as well as focus on your current job. Also, you will save time and money on conveyance. What’s more, the fees for an online BBA program is less when compared to a full-time course.

You can couple your course with an internship to gain practical insights into operations and administration. You can also pursue this course along with other full-time courses like BBM, B.A., or B.Sc. and earn a double degree at the end of 3 years.

What Skills Do You Learn From The Course?

As a student of this program, you’d learn,

  • To communicate effectively, both verbally and by writing
  • To make sound decisions in the selection, utilisation, and evaluation of a company’s employees
  • To handle an organisation’s operation and administration

What Are The Career Options Post-BBA?

As a BBA graduate, you can seek employment in shares and stocks trading companies, media houses, real estate organisations, educational institutions, government sector, and IT corporations. Since there’s a business side to every organisation, a BBA degree will allow you to apply for jobs in both prominent and upcoming industries.

What Are The Post-Graduate Course Options After BBA?

To leverage your BBA degree, you can pursue an MBA. The former lays a solid foundation for an MBA degree and makes it easier for you to tackle the syllabus. You can choose your MBA specialisation from sectors like marketing, finance, systems, human resources, and operations.

A BBA program will help you build a solid base for business operations and administration, and get your career kick started at the earliest. However, you should conduct further research on this distance education course before taking the final call.

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