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A Peek Into The Rising Popularity Of Distance Education Online

7th Jun, 2016, Published by Online Admissions Team

The need to better your career prospects through additional qualifications as well as the zeal to acquire knowledge in your area of interest are a couple of factors that has popularised online courses.

Infact, it is not only employed professionals who choose distance education online courses for career advancement, students are increasingly opting to pursue online courses due to the multiple benefits offered by such courses. Reputed universities like Bharathidasan University offer bachelor’s and master’s program in a host of disciplines in the distance education mode.

Summarised below are the advantages of online courses which has led to a surge in their popularity.

Choice of course

The biggest advantage of distance education online courses is the vast repertoire of courses and colleges. Sitting at your home, you can follow a quality and accredited course which is thousands of kilometres away. A course relevant to your current field can be pursued from a top notch university despite being in a remote location.

Reach of technology

The popularity of online courses can be solely attributed to advancements in communication technology. Internet and smartphone access has enabled students and professionals to build their careers.


Online courses do not demand a 9 to 5 schedule with compulsory attendance. Whether you’re a stay-at-home dad/mom, or a working professional, online courses score high on flexibility, allowing you to structure your study schedule as per your free time. Students can enjoy the benefits of taking up multiple courses online and build on their qualifications.


Online courses allow you to study at your own pace. Whether you want to revise the lecture a good number of times or have to repeatedly refer to the study material, online courses give you the flexibility that you need.


A full-time college course is certainly expensive. Online courses offer you an opportunity to pursue a course of your choice at negligible costs. You also save on the costs of commuting to and from college.

Access to world class teaching aids

Online courses give you access to guest lectures from renowned faculty as well as seminars from industry experts. You can connect with them, learn as much as you want to, and get yourself industry-ready.

Distance education online courses are the new in-thing; students and working professionals can enrol for these courses and peak in their careers.

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